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Rafael Nodal on the Aging Room Havao (video)

Rafael Nodal of Boutique Blends speaks to us about the Aging Room Havao, one of the earliest blends from this well respected and highly coveted brand.


Hi, my name is Rafael Nodal from Boutique Blends.  I’m here to talk to with my friends at Best Cigar Prices about the Aging Room Havao.  When I created the Aging Room, it was for people who are looking for more strength flavors.  Some of our blends are a little bit on the medium to full-size.  And some of my friends asked me for a cigar that wasn’t at the full-strength but still had the flavor.  And my answer was the Aging Room Havao. Havao in Spanish means a mix of the white and black races, and that’s what this cigar provides.

The filler is all Dominican Criollo from our farms in the Dominican Republic.   We use a beautiful, oily, aged wrapper, the Connecticut, grown in Ecuador.  This cigar brings a lot of flavor.  This is my favorite cigar in the morning when I wake up on the farms or in the factory with my Cuban coffee.  And my first cigar of the day is usually the Aging Room Havao.  It brings you a lot of flavors and aroma.  Obviously an amazing combustion, it will burn completely white.

When you smoke a mild cigar, sometimes it’s just a smoke.  It doesn’t get you a lot of flavor.  In this cigar what we have been able to do is bring you a mild-flavor cigar, what we call “mild plus,” because it brings you a lot of flavor and aroma.  Again, if that is what you are looking for, this is what you will find in the Aging Room Havao – a Criollo Dominican with an unbelievable, beautiful oily wrapper for aroma.  But it’s filled with some character and some complexity that’s what you want to do with a cigar.  That’s what you will find in my Aging Room Havao, a cigar for most occasions.  Hope you enjoy.  Cheers.