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Reader Poll – How Do YOU Smoke Your Cigar?

Cigar smoking is as subjective as anything that has to do with personal taste. Almost every smoker I’ve met, whether an aficionado or a casual smoker, has their own preferences in regards to what qualifies as an ideal smoking experience. Everything from the environment in which you smoke, to state of mind, and even the time of day can have an impact on how much you enjoy your cigar.

We’re interested in hearing how you make the most of your stogies, whether it be a description of your personal cigar ritual, a favorite drink that you pair with, or a certain hobby or pastime you enjoy while smoking. Maybe you smoke only when a certain mood strikes, or only amongst the company of fellow brothers and sisters of the leaf. I myself am pretty low-maintenance when it comes to getting my stogie kicks, as I can enjoy a good smoke just about anywhere it finds me, as long as I can relax and really focus on the character of the cigar. Whatever it is that floats your personal stogie-boat, we want to know! Post your reply as a comment below and enlighten us, as we are always happy to hear stories about good folks enjoying fine smokes, in fact, it’s our favorite subject.