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Reader Poll – Vote for our Next Review!

While I love getting paid to smoke stogies as much as anybody (what’s not to love?), the bottom line is that I’m not doing this solely for my own enjoyment. The entire purpose of my doing cigar reviews is to give you, our customers, a better idea of what to expect from new stogies, whether they’re small-run boutique blends of huge-production new releases from industry heavyweights.

It struck me today that we’ve been calling the shots for way too long, and it’s about time we gave you guys another chance to find out about a stogie you’ve been wondering about. So from now until next Tuesday, we’ll be taking votes for what cigar we should review next! Here are the choices:

601 La Bomba
Alec Bradley American Classic
Rocky Patel Edge Sumatra
Thunder by Nimish

I picked all of these based on three criteria: one, we haven’t reviewed them yet; two, they all came out in 2011, mostly during the IPCPR trade show; and three, we’ve had customers call up and ask us questions about the cigars. Once we tab up the votes, we’ll post a review of the cigar that day—who knows, maybe it’ll be another joint review!

To cast your vote, leave a comment on this post or post on our Facebook page. You have from now until Tuesday, October 12 at noon EST to vote, so cast yours now and make it count!

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