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Red Auerbach’s Humidor (and NBA Championship Rings) to be Auctioned Off

I’m not a big basketball fan—in fact, I’m usually a much unhappier guy during basketball season because Knicks games often overlap Rangers games, since they both play at MSG. I still, however, recognize the name of a legend like Red Auerbach when I hear it, so this particular piece of news caught my eye. Not to mention, the guy was notorious for being an avid cigar smoker (according to Cigar Aficionado, he was a fan of Hoyo de Monterrey), and was known for lighting one up at the Celtics’ bench whenever victory was imminent.

Several of Red Auerbach’s prized belongings will be auctioned next month, including his NBA championship rings from 1957, 1962, 1974, 1976, and 1981, and his humidor, which engraved with the signatures of the 1954-1955 Celtics, according to an article in the Boston Globe. Also available will be his 1961 NBA All-Star golf bag, and Celtics great Bob Cousy’s game-worn rookie jersey from 1950. I imagine the prices on all of these are going to soar, so I’m definitely going to keep an eye out for the results.

Auerbach, who passed away from a heart attack in 2006, had an epic career with the Celtics, having coached the team to nine NBA championships, including eight straight from 1959 to 1966. He was later the team’s president and general manager. Auerbach was also the first NBA coach to draft an African American player, and the first to have over 1,000 victories under his belt, according to an article on To my interest as a hockey fan is the fact that he was known as very fierce competitor and would often get in verbal skirmishes with refs—he received more fines and was ejected more often than any other NBA coach.

The auctions will be run by California-based SCP Auctions from April 15-30, so keep your eyes peeled for follow-up posts!

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