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Rep. Tom Cole Lights Up in the Speaker’s Lobby, Oohing and Aahing Ensues

Representative Tom Cole of Oklahoma set an example for every proud cigar smoker today by lighting up a cigar in the hallway of the Speaker’s Lobby, only to head out onto the balcony to actually smoke it. There hasn’t been any word yet about whether it caused too much of a stir, though according to an article in The Hill’s  In The Know column, there was at least one “What is that?!”

Cole used the hallway to light up not out of spite for the ban that Nancy Pelosi instated four years prior, but rather to block the wind. Though it was unseasonably warm outside, there were still 10 to 20 mph winds, which would’ve made it very difficult to light up. When asked about his decision to light up a stogie indoors, Cole told In The Know, “Even with all the hot air emanating from the House floor, it’s still less windy in the Speaker’s Lobby than it is outdoors.” I never thought of it that way—maybe D.C., not Chicago, is the real windy city?

Regardless of whether his decision to light up inside was politically motivated, we at BestCigarPrices salute Tom Cole for exercising his right to enjoy a fine stogie, even if anybody complained that the air smelled really good for 10 minutes.