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Robolo Madness! FREE Shipping and a $15 Gift Certificate with Every Box!

If you haven’t heard of our exclusive Robolo® size, you probably haven’t been shopping with us for very long—we love these things and we’re not afraid to say it. The Robolo® is our take on the stocky, big-ring stogie that allows for us to fit the same amount of tobacco in a Churchill into a smaller, squatter vitola. This size magnifies the filler-to-wrapper ratio and lets the smoker pick out countless nuances in the blend that are normally much more difficult to pinpoint.

It also produces a cool, easy draw and ridiculously straight burn, making the Robolo® size a low-maintenance smoke that is perfect for the novice smoker. Anyway, whether you’re a fan of the Robolo® or you’re looking to find a new favorite vitola, we’ve got a treat for you—for a limited time, we’re shipping every full-box of Robolo® sized cigars for free, and giving away a free $15 BestCigarPrices gift certificate with each one! Stock up on Robolos® today and save huge on your next order!