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Romeo, Cohiba & Montecristo At Big Discounts

There’s no question that handrolled cigars are truly an art form. It certainly takes skill and a flare for the artistic to take a whole bunch of tobacco leaves and craft them into the delicious cigars we enjoy. Produced to honor the artistry that goes into cigar construction, we bring to you The Art of the Cigar. These 8-count cylinder boxes give a new packaging twist to some iconic smokes. These packs are available in the rich & full Cohiba Red Dot line, the smooth Montecristo, the luxurious Montecristo White Label, and the classic Romeo Y Julieta Vintage. I couldn’t have chosen cigars more fitting for the “Art of the Cigar” title, these smokes personify the artistry that goes into making a decadent cigar. The small packs make a convenient size for giving you a taste of luxury without breaking the bank for a full box, and they also make fantastic gifts. In addition to offering top quality smokes in unique and catchy packaging, the savvy comparison shopper will notice that these cost a nice bit less per stick than their corresponding boxed counterparts! I really like these deals because they make my job so easy – how tough is it to sell Montecristo & Cohiba for 2/3 or less compared to what we usually sell them for? I’m going to let this deal do the rest of my talking for me!