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Saint Luis Rey 3-Pack Samplers – Try Both Wrappers


Saint Luis Rey is one of our favorite Honduran cigar makers. These guys truly know how to balance power with smoothness, and their core line is a testament to that. If you haven’t tried these robust stogies, we’ve got a treat for you—we just got in a huge shipment of Saint Luis Rey combo packs, and we’ve given them all special low prices! Each of these packs contains two natural-wrapped and two maduro-wrapped Saint Luis Rey Reserva Especial stogies, with the exception of the corona pack, which has three naturals.

Saint Luis Rey is made with either Nicaraguan or Mexican wrapper leaves, along with spicy Nicaraguan binder and filler from Honduras, Nicaragua, and Peru. Both shades are peppery and full-bodied, though you can expect a little more chocolaty sweetness from the maduro-wrapped version. These packs are a perfect way to get a feel for this classic brand, so stock up and pack your humidor with premium, full-bodied smokes for an unbelievably low price!