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Sample The Classics With Our Biggest Sampler Sale Yet!

If there’s one thing we’ve got down as an online cigar store, it’s the art of the sampler. We’ve got some of the most stocked samplers ever, from our powerhouse Full-Bodied to the easygoing Mild-Bodied and the bang-for-your-buck Stimulus Package, we’ve got a sampler for just about everybody.


To make it easier for you to pick out your perfect sampler, we’ve given tons and tons of them free shipping and huge discounts! These are some of our classics, like the Boxing Day, Weekend Warriors, and Spring Ahead Samplers, and our hugely popular Blissmas sampler, which have been top sellers since we introduced them. Included in the list of heavily discounted samplers is the Donatello Humidor Combo, which features 15 cigars, a torch lighter, and a double-blade cutter, all packed inside a Madelaine Donatello 20-count humidor. For the price, it seriously doesn’t get better than that, and we just made the price even lower.

This is a great opportunity to get your hands on some of the best smokes in our inventory for a better deal than ever. Grab some gifts for your buddies or just stock up for yourself—either way, you’re going to save some major cash on a bunch of tasty smokes!