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Six Zero by Boutique Blends (Video)

In our latest brand spotlight Rafael Nodal of Boutique Blends Cigars (Aging Room, Swag) talks about our best-selling exclusive Six Zero cigars. Take a look:

You can browse our full selection of Six Zero cigars here.


Hi, my name is Rafael Nodal. You guys might know me for my cigars, Oliveros, Swag, Aging Room. And of course, for winning this year’s number one cigar in the United States by Cigar Aficionado.

I concentrate on making small boutique blends. I make one of those cigars that I’m really proud which is Six Zero. The Six Zero is a cigar made exclusively for Best Cigar Prices.

I am smoking the Robolo. It’s 60 ring size by four and a half. Sixty is one of my absolutely favorite ring sizes. I make this cigar in four and a half, five, and six inches.

If you’re looking for a cigar with a lot of strength, with a lot of flavor, actually, not so much as strength as flavor. This cigar is sold Dominican tobacco from our farms in Dominican Republic and it uses a four-year-old Mexican wrapper which is San Andres that is absolutely fantastic. It brings a tremendous flavor to it.

When I blend a cigar, I blend it to get the maximum aroma, the maximum flavor, yet has character. It’s a small boutique blend because this, you cannot get it with tobacco for regular, big productions.

So I invite you to try one of the Six Zeroes. Again, exclusively made for Best Cigar Prices. I hope you enjoy it.