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Sizzling Summer Specials

Hot enough for ya, BCP aficionados? In many areas, this July has been the warmest on record. A little sunshine never stopped us from enjoying our stogies, but the wife is not having it with the indoor cigar smoke and we need a little something extra to make all this time spent outdoors worthwhile.

Today we’ve got some hot specials for your summer smoking pleasure. Pick up the Punch Grill ‘Em All sampler for a great value on four of Punch’s best sticks: the Punch Magnum, Rare Corojo Magnum, Gran Puro Rancho and Upper Cut Robusto. The sampler comes packed in a custom Punch smoker box for your barbecue, and if you don’t have a barbecue, use the enclosed $100 discount card to pick up any Char-Broil Infrared Grill ($399 and up — still totally worth it, these grills are awesome!) If you can’t use ’em yourself, they make fantastic gifts for the barbecue nut in your life.

If you prefer to spend your summertime on the greens rather than the backyard, the rest of our Sizzling Specials are a swing in the right direction. The Rocky Patel Decade Tubos Toro Golf Sampler comes with four of Rocky’s signature sticks and three golf balls with the Rocky logo. They’re not just any golf balls — these are made by Calloway, one of the top brands on tour. As if this deal wasn’t already good enough, I’m taking another $10 off these astronomically rated smokes!

Another golfer’s delight is the Excalibur Golf Drive Sampler. In it, you’ll find four hot stogies: Excalibur Epicure Maduro, 1066 Merlin Cameroon, Dark Knight #1 and Legend Challenger. This one comes with a slick Hoyo de Monterrey Excalibur ball marker in gold and black. Perfect for clipping to your bag or hat, the magnetic marker comes off so you can easily mark that 4-foot putt for birdie. Also included is a handy $10 cash card for use at Golfsmith, a major golf equipment retailer. It’s like buying money!

Finally we have the HeaterHolder cigar caddy. I have used this personally and would never smoke on the course without it. It’s a specially-built cigar cradle that attaches to your bag’s rain snaps. Wherever you go, your cigar has a safe place to rest where it won’t go out or touch the chemical-covered greens. If you’re still balancing your sticks on tee markers or clubs, do yourself a favor and pick one of these up for $20.

So there you have it. Four great cigar items to add the perfect touch to your summer, and save you some dough at the same time. Get these deals while they’re hot!

Zac S.