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Smoke Notes Cigar Reviews: Alec Bradley Sanctum

alec bradley sanctum 2Alec Bradley Sanctum Robusto (5×52)


W: Honduran Corojo

B: Costa Rican

F: Colombian, Honduran, Nicaraguan


Factory: Tobaccos de Oriente, Danli, Honduras


Blended by Alec Bradley executive vice-president Ralph Montero, this newest addition to their family might be the best yet. The leaves within cover a 4 nation spread, giving the flavor profile a solid base for nuanced complexity and balance. The theme is one every cigar enthusiast can sympathize with: where do you go to get away from the distractions and intrusions of your daily life? Where is your sanctum?


alec bradley sanctumNotes:

  • Beneath a smooth chocolate-colored corojo wrapper lay aromas of hay and earth with an interesting cold draw of honey, hay, and a sliver of graham.
  • It started off with a fountain of flavor, my senses being bombarded by spicy red and black pepper, bread, and a hazelnut note serpentining in and out.
  • This cigar took its time before it wound down into a primary flavor, which turned out to be slightly toasted bread with visitors coming and going. This was all capped in a muted cream finish.
  • Further along the finish started to take on some mild chocolate, still staying as smooth as ever, with the primary flavor moving into a tango between the bread and a creamy cedar.
  • Once you get through half of this stick (which took an hour due to the crawling but perfect burn), you’ll have to deal with some of the biggest undergarments I’ve seen on a cigar. Under the main band lies a gigantic, secondary one.
  • The final third made everything else up to that point seem like a skydiver’s slow ascent to 10,000 feet. The exhilarating ride thereout is marked by a gush of sweetness and earth that carries with it all the prior passing notes and more.


Flavor Report: Hazelnut, Toasted Bread, Creamy Cedar, Red Pepper, Black Pepper, Earth, Barnyard, Chocolate, Vegetal, Sweet Earth


alec bradley sanctum 3



Overall: 8.5/10

Alec Bradley may have secured their foothold in the industry with the Tempus in 2007 and again in 2011 with Prensado, but the Sanctum will officially keep them on your radar forevermore, quickly slipping into the regular rotations of all whose path it crosses.
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