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Smoke Notes Cigar Reviews: Flor D’Crossier Selection No. 512

flor crossier 512Flor D’Crossier Selection No. 512 Corona Gorda (5 ½ x 46)

W: Ecuadorian Habano
B: Costa Rican Sumatra
F: Costa Rican, Dominican

Factory: Pure Aroma Cigars S.A., Costa Rica

If you haven’t heard of this stogie yet, then it was only a matter of time. This one has been slowly weaving its way through the premium cigar world, gracing a few lucky palates with its Cubanesque flavor profile. Thankfully, they’ve signed a distribution deal with Espinosa Cigars, so it’s quickly becoming more widely available and a favorite among many.




  • flor crossier 512 bThis cigar had one of the most interesting prelight experiences ever, with a cold draw of pumpernickel and aromas of wood, vanilla, and a very potent, overwhelming berry note.
  • Despite its reputation as a supremely smooth smoke, the opening was as strong a red pepper blast as any with a basic wood flavor in the background.
  • However, the cigar mellowed quickly, bringing out lush flavors of cream, earth, and a hint of barnyard. Strangely, there seemed to be more flavor on the extra-long finish than on the front of the draw.
  • Into the second third, notes of bread and nuts show up as the finish becomes creamier than ever. The super smooth reputation of this stick is in full effect.
  • The final third marked a sharp turn, with that sugary berry flavor from the pre-light coming into the forefront. This is absolutely one of the most interesting profiles I’ve smoked in a while.
  • Sometimes construction and burn are sacrificed to make a unique blend. This was not the case. Both were immaculate all throughout.

Flavor Report: Red Pepper, Wood, Cream, Barnyard, Earth, Nuts, Bread, Vanilla, Berries

flor crossier 512 a



Overall: 9/10

It’s been called “the best cigar you never heard of” and I have to agree. The silky, creamy body with perfectly balanced flavors is not something you’ll want to miss. This cigar marks my first time smoking Costa Rican tobacco, and it will surely not be my last. Try yours here: Flor D’Crossier