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BCP Snapshots Around The Office

It’s officially summer here at Best Cigar Prices and it’s been pretty busy over the last few weeks. We’ve been getting a ton of new products in, working on our summer catalog and have a few fun marketing projects that are in full swing. Jason got quite a few cigar reviews in over the last month including the Gran Habano Gran Reserva #5 2010 Corona Gorda by George A. Rico, Vega Fina Master 2012 and the Alec Bradley Nica Puro Bajito to name a few… so be sure to check those out! Our photographer Ron was able to attend the US Open where he got some great shots of famous athletes including Tiger Woods! Our Marketing department has been working hard at getting helpful videos up on our website so customers can get detailed information on some of our best selling products. A recent video tested the quality of the Best Cigar Prices Travel Cigar Protection Case by Xikar, while the case got pretty beat up, it never did break! You can watch the video here: Travel Protection Case by Xikar.

If you want to see more BCP shots you can view all of our photos on our Instagram profile right here! Let us know what you would like to see more of and we’ll try our best to include it!