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Spain no Longer Hospitable for Smokers

Following a small victory for smokers in the U.S., smokers in Spain were met with a huge disappointment; smoking is now outlawed in bars, restaurants, cafés, and most other enclosed spaces across the country. First-time offenders face a 30 euro ($40 USD) fine; after three offenses, the fine could be raised to a whopping 100,000 euros ($130,000 USD).

It’s still legal to smoke in a sports arena, as long as it doesn’t have a closed roof, but whenever a ban like this is enacted it’s just a matter of time until smoking is banned everywhere else. Take New York for example—we started out with a ban in bars and restaurants, and now they’re trying to make it illegal to smoke in public parks.

Business owners fear that they’ll lose at least 10 percent of their business, and face fines of between 60 and 100,000 euros for allowing people to smoke on their premises. This could prove to be a pretty terrible decision on the part of the Spanish government, given the fact that Spain is already dealing with a financial crisis.

So as sad as I am to say it, scratch Spain off the list of places where you can still enjoy a cigar while having dinner and a few drinks with some friends at a bar. For now, at least you can still smoke in the parking lot.

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