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Spring Cigars

Are we sure we’re really entering into spring or is the fact we can finally go outside just natures way of taunting us?


Finally we can hear bird chirping outside. Though we are not completely out of the woods yet it’s time to start stocking up for summer and the outdoors. Typically speaking the temperatures outside where you are enjoying the cigar are not quite summer, but warm enough for a decent cigar. I would normally suggest a cigar that allows for enough time to enjoy, yet still finishes within a reasonable time frame to stay warm.

Robolo sized cigars typically fit the bill as they have as much premium tobacco as a Churchill cigar into a compact 4.5 x 60. Which allows for one to have a decent cigar on a spring day but not out long enough the typical temperature drop on a spring night.

Some specific non-Robolo sized cigars that work during spring would be Acid My Uzi Weighs A Ton Baitfish Cigars and Arturo Fuente Hemingway Between the Lines Cigars both are packed with flavor yet are not a extreme long smoke.

The object of the spring cigar game is to enjoy a decent cigar in the 40 to mid 50 degree weather before the nights drop to freezing or the wind picks up.