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Quick Tabantillas Cigar Review

Chances are good you’ve never seen these specific cigars before (unless you spotted them in Europe).

We at Best Cigar Prices were able to obtain a large shipment of Tabantillas Cigars, not the kind that you have seen or even tried in the United States, but rather this version was to be shipped to Europe (Specifically Spain) before Best Cigar Prices stepped in and demanded that Americans be allowed to sample the same types of cigars that are found across the pond. If you want, feel free to explore the images above you’ll see that the cigar bands, labeling and other features of the cigars are clearly not found locally.

These cigars have never (until now) been within the borders of the United States. Because these cigars were made to be sent to Europe, the boxes they are sent in will have all the European stamps on them. Everything from tax stamps to all the other labeling and required legal statements to comply with Spanish laws. The boxes themselves have a mild cedar scent to them and each cigar is presented in a professional fashion, each individually wrapped with a ribbon surrounding the entire lot of cigars. The inside of the box has a crest burned into the inside of the box top.

The cigars themselves burn well and have a pleasant taste. For the dollar spent these would be considered a great value. If you were to compare them to similar priced cigars you would most likely say that they are several steps above their competition. The exotic nature of the European Market Tabantillas Cigar in the United States allows for your friends to ask where you found European Cigars in the United States. Occasionally one of your well traveled friends might note he or she has seen them in Europe.

Feel free to put post your review regarding these cigars when you have a chance. The chances are you would consider them a great value as well.