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Four More Things I’ve Learned Working @ BCP  

Some of you may remember my first piece for the Best Cigar Prices blog called Four Things I’ve Learned in my First Three Months @ BCP. Well, it’s been a few more months, and taking a page from the Hollywood playbook, I thought it would be a good idea to write a sequel. Looking back …

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Cigar 101

How To Rehydrate Dry Cigars (Video)

Watch as BCP Director of Merchandising Jeff Brown explains how to (and how not to) rehydrate your dry cigars. For more info on proper ways to rehydrate cigars read our blog post “What Is The Best Way to Safely Rehydrate Dry Cigars?” here:…

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How Far Down Should I Smoke My Cigar?

Of the various questions submitted by our readers and followers on Facebook each week, there is one query in particular that seems to come up again and again: “How far down should I smoke my cigar?” It’s a perfectly rational question, one that I myself can recall asking way back when I was but a …

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Zen & The Art Of Cigar Lighter Maintenance

Back in my BCP call center days there were a few recurring topics that I’d receive calls on weekly, without fail. Chief among those topics was Cigar Torch Lighter Maintenance. As convenient and efficient as most cigar torches are, they also require a little bit of know-how to keep them running smoothly, particularly if you’re …

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5 More Cigar Tricks You Should Use Every Time You Light Up

It occurred to us that we may have skipped over a few of the more obvious, yet most essential cigar tricks in our last installment. So, here’s five more tricks to tuck up your sleeve as you continue on your quest for supreme stogie satisfaction:

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