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cutting a cigar Cigar 101

How To Cut a Cigar without a Cutter: Cigar 101

  NOTE: While any of these four tips will allow you to enjoy one of our cigars, we suggest you use the right tool for the job; one of our Cigar Cutters (click here)

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How do I cut a thick box pressed cigar, when my cutter just won’t fit over it?

Fitting a square peg in a round hole here. :/ A recent post on Reddit posed the question, how do you cut a large ring box pressed (square) cigar with a guillotine cutter? This is a very valid question, especially when one looks at these cigars, Casa Magna Colorado Gordo Real Box Pressed Cigars are …

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Different Cigar Cutters

64 Ring Cutter There are several types of cigar cutters.   The most popular being a guillotine both single and double,  following by a punch cut and V cut and other unique cuts include scissors and even teeth and finger nails though the latter two are not suggested. The guillotine is popular because it takes off …

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Cigar Review – Cohiba Black Pequeños

Today is probably one of the worst days I could’ve picked to review a cigar—according to, it’s a sweltering 95 degrees out (and it’s supposed to feel like 99 degrees, whatever that means). But that didn’t stop me from smoking one; it just stopped me from smoking something full-sized. Today I had the pleasure …

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