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How To Cut a Cigar – Cutting a Cigar 101

When you purchase a good cigar, you’ll notice how the foot of the cigar (the part you light) is open, exposing the tobacco, but the head (the part you put in your mouth) is not. Instead, the head is sealed with a small, round, piece of wrapper leaf called a cap. The purpose of the …

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cutting a cigar Cigar 101

How To Cut a Cigar without a Cutter: Cigar 101

  NOTE: While any of these four tips will allow you to enjoy one of our cigars, we suggest you use the right tool for the job; one of our Cigar Cutters (click here)

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4 Things I’ve Learned In My First Three Months Working @ Best Cigar Prices

New-jack fulfillment associate Matt Rice took some time out of his hectic shipping schedule to write a few words on his experience in being new to the cigar hobby. In this article Matt walks you through four of the most important lessons he’s learned in his first few months @ BCP:   Admittedly, when I …

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Different Cigar Cutters

64 Ring Cutter There are several types of cigar cutters.   The most popular being a guillotine both single and double,  following by a punch cut and V cut and other unique cuts include scissors and even teeth and finger nails though the latter two are not suggested. The guillotine is popular because it takes off …

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Great Gifts For Dad!

Every year I find myself wondering what the heck I should get my Dad for Father’s Day. There are only so many power tools and baseball hats out there. Then I realized I work for an awesome cigar company, so finding a gift for Dad really shouldn’t be that difficult! We have been getting a …

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