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How Far Down Should I Smoke My Cigar?

Of the various questions submitted by our readers and followers on Facebook each week, there is one query in particular that seems to come up again and again: “How far down should I smoke my cigar?” It’s a perfectly rational question, one that I myself can recall asking way back when I was but a …

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Image Cigar 101

Cigar 101 – Purging Your Cigar

Cigar purging is the subject of a lot of internet controversy, which happens to be my least favorite kind of controversy. I think that in a lot of ways, cigar smoking is highly subjective. I think there’s no definite right or wrong way to smoke a cigar, though tons of people would tell you otherwise. …

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Image Cigar 101

Cigar 101: Top 3 Breaches of Cigar Etiquette

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you’ll know we take a somewhat different stance on cigar etiquette than our peers. Our attitude is along the lines of “there’s no wrong way to smoke a cigar.” That’s not so say that lighting the cap, smoking from the foot and inhaling deeply are anything we’d …

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Image Cigar 101

Cigar 101: Should I leave the band on my cigar?

Ah, it’s the age-old debate over whether to leave the band on or off your cigar when you smoke it. Let’s make this simple: there is no right answer. Or, for the optimist: Either way, it doesn’t really matter. Some people will tell you leaving the band on a fancy cigar will give others the …

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