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What Is The Best Way to Safely Rehydrate Dry Cigars?

So, you forgot your cigar in your dresser drawer or backseat of your car, and now when you pick it up, the wrapper feels like it’s about to break. It no longer looks like the cigar you bought in the shop. Uh-oh…..

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What is a Cigar Humidor Crystal Gel System?

These are inexpensive humidification solutions that ensure your humidor is properly humidified It’s critical that you keep your humidor at proper humidification and temperature levels to ensure that your cigars are kept in a safe environment free of mold and tobacco beetles. These units feature a proprietary anti-fungal, anti-mold system and are self-regulating, meaning they …

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Cigar 101: Stogie Storage

If you own a humidor, chances are you know the golden rule of temperature and humidity—70 degrees Fahrenheit, 70 percent humidity. While these conditions are ideal, some cigar smokers prefer varying levels of humidity for their cigars, generally ranging from 64 to 72 percent. Lower or higher levels of humidity will determine a few things. …

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