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Cigar 101

How To Rehydrate Dry Cigars (Video)

Watch as BCP Director of Merchandising Jeff Brown explains how to (and how not to) rehydrate your dry cigars. For more info on proper ways to rehydrate cigars read our blog post “What Is The Best Way to Safely Rehydrate Dry Cigars?” here:…

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Cigar 101

Cigar Maintenance: Winterize Your Humidor with Rene Castaneda (video)

Rene Castaneda of Villiger Cigars explains to us the steps necessary to ready your humidor for the winter. Transcript: Hey guys, I’m Rene and I want to get you ready, your humidors, for the winter. Here are a couple of tips that you should have to get ready to protect your cigars during the winter …

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