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Image Cigar Rants

Follow-up: Bull & Bear vs. the Whiners, Part II

When about 19 out of 20 cigar news stories are about new “dangers” of secondhand smoke, overly-PC politicians, citywide bans, tax hikes, the FDA, and the demise of B&Ms, it’s refreshing to come across a story about someone on our side winning for once. According to an article on, a Kane County judge ruled …

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Image Cigar 101

Cigar 101 – Cigar Butt Disposal

While browsing through a recent thread on, I saw a bunch of users debating the age old question of what you should do with your cigar butts. I’m going to take this as an opportunity to rant about the dos and don’ts of cigar butt disposal, and with that, here’s this week’s edition of …

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