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Make Your Voice Heard – Help Protect Premium Cigars

Your action is imperative in order to ensure the survival of our trade and prevent the FDA from destroying cigar culture.    We know we’ve posted several times on this topic, but it is one that bears repeating, and one that we as cigar smokers cannot afford to let fall by the wayside. In September, …

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Premium Cigars Need Your Help!

A few weeks ago we put out an e-mail blast to our customers explaining that we needed help protecting premium cigars. The industry urgently needs help. We are closer than ever to having our right to enjoy premium cigars stripped away by unwarranted FDA regulation. This could be the end of our favorite past time …

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Top 5 Most Smoker-Friendly U.S. States

With all the indoor (and outdoor) smoking bans that have been springing up in the last few years, it can be tough to keep track of which states are still smoker-friendly. While there’s a short list of states that don’t have statewide bans, those can be deceiving, because many of their cities and municipalities have …

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Help Stop Maryland’s Blitz on Cigar Smokers’ Freedoms

Following a recent trend of legislators trying to take away your tobacco-related personal liberties, Maryland has made it illegal for online and mail order retailers of cigars, classified as “Other Tobacco Products,” or “OTP,” to ship these products to Maryland residents. According to an article on Cigar Aficionado’s website, a bulletin from the Maryland Comptroller’s …

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Cigar Rights of America Launches New Petitioning System to Fight for Your Cigar Smoking Rights

Cigar lovers are fighting wars on all sides by the P.C. police. If you’re a reader of this blog, then you’re no stranger to the smoking bans and draconian taxes that beset the entire cigar-smoking American populace. With indoor smoking is now banned on most places, the powers that be are now targeting outdoor smoking. …

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