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The Complete Guide to Cigar Sizes and Shapes

The Complete Guide to Cigar Sizes and Shapes – The enjoyment of a cigar depends on quite a few factors, not the least of which are cigar size and cigar shape…

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Image Cigar 101

Cigars 101: An Introduction to Vitolas

In our latest Cigar 101 video Dane gives you an overview of the most common cigar shapes and sizes. Hello and welcome to Cigars 101 with BestCigarPrices. My name is Dane and today we’re going to be discussing an area of cigars that can be a little bit confusing for newer cigar smokers, and that’s …

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Image Cigar 101

Cigar 101- Shape Up

Here’s an excellent classic BCP Cigar 101 on the most common (and uncommon) cigar shapes found in premium cigars: I did a Cigar 101 a while ago on how a cigar’s size affects its taste, but I realized today that I completely glossed over the shape factor. Many smokers agree that the shape of a cigar can affect …

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