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Say “NO” To Pennsylvania’s Cigar Tax!

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf has proposed a new 40% tax on premium cigars sold in the state. What this means for PA cigar smokers is that a box of cigars that normally costs $100 will now cost $140 or more! Help protect premium cigars and exempt them from excessive taxation! We are urging all Pennsylvania …

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The Tale of 50 States With 50 Differing Cigar Tax Laws

The United States is a nation of 50 states, out of those 50 states we have 50 differing rules and tax laws surrounding Tobacco but more importantly a differing set of rules for Cigars. Here’s the Cigar Tax Table in PDF format It is a hodgepodge of rules and regulations that stemmed from 50 differing …

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Washington Proposes New Federal Tax on Tobacco

Early this month Washington proposed a federal tobacco-tax hike to pay for federal funding to guarantee preschool and full-day kindergarten for children from low- and middle-income families, according to the Washington Times. This tobacco tax was not specified in severity or even regarding an amount specified. However if it is to guarantee preschool and full-day …

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Massive Cigar Tax Increase Proposed in Kansas

Kansas is proposing a massive tax increase in the bill called HB 2672 (link goes to raw PDF file). This is becoming an extreme trend recently as Canada raised the cigar tax just last week. In that case there was zero warning, our Canadian friends woke up one morning to a huge tax increase on …

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Midweek Roundup – the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

It’s roundup time again, and as you can tell from the title, we’ve got some good, bad, and slightly ugly news from the cigar world. In the interest of ending on a more positive note, I’ll start with the bad news. According to a press release from the International Premium Pipe and Cigar Retailers Association, …

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