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Cigars and Poker

For many cigar fans premium stogies are just as big a part of a poker game as poker chips and booze. Whenever I think about poker games I always envision a room full of men sitting around a poker table surrounded by smoke, all with a good drink and premium cigar in hand. A fine …

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Exciting Times for Golf and Poker Fans

In celebrating our 76th blog post since we started about three months ago, today we decided to take a break from cigars, cigars, cigars and talk about some of the things cigar smokers love… primarilly golf and poker. On the Old Course in Scotland it’s already late afternoon at the British Open. The early reports …

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Cigar Review: Arganese Nicaraguan Robusto (and a Small-Stakes Poker Tournament)

The Arganese Nicaraguan Robusto was my first-ever Arganese, and I couldn’t think of a better introduction. I was playing in a low-stakes poker tournament — a send-off party for a friend of a friend that was shipping out with the Marines. I found myself short-stacked early in the game and decided if I wanted to …

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