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Our New Best Cigar Prices Logo!

As we approach our 20 year anniversary, we’re sprucing things up a bit here at BCP. After much consideration, reviewing many different design options, and thanks to your input, we’ve chosen a brand new company logo! Here’s a sneak peek:                               …

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WARNING – Cigar Orders May Contain More Than You Paid For!

Strange things are happening again here at BCP, and we feel obligated to give you fair warning before you place your next order. Over the past couple of months there have been numerous reports of additional items appearing randomly in shipments from Best Cigar Prices. Hundreds of customers have reported receiving materials such as T-shirts, …

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Best Cigar Prices Customer Bill Of Rights

Over the past month or so we’ve established some new policies, and spruced up some of our existing ones,  in order to provide our customers with an even greater cigar shopping experience than before. In the next few weeks I’ll be popping in to shine the spotlight on some of the things that we’ve been …

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Buying Cigars Online

We ran an informal survey recently and discovered that the majority of individuals still didn’t realize that they could purchase cigars online. Many believed that purchasing cigars was similar to purchasing cigarettes where it’s nearly impossible to purchase online legally,  however there is a distinct difference between the two in how the regulations work, which …

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