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Christian Eiora on CLE Cigars (video)

Christian Eiroa, founder of CLE Cigars, explains the intricate process behind the creation of this unique cigar brand. Transcript: How are you guys doing? My name is Christian Eiroa. I’m here visiting the folks at Here to talk to you guys about the CLE Signature cigar line, and also the Eiroa and the Eiroa …

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Cigar 101

Smoking Cigars with Christian Eiroa (video)

Christian Eiroa of CLE Cigars imparts some wisdom on how to better enjoy your cigar. Transcript: Hey, guys, Christian Eiroa with CLE Cigars and Eiroa Cigars. We also get asked a lot about how to taste cigars and how to best enjoy cigars. Definitely, you’ve got to learn how to blow the smoke out your nose. …

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Image Cigar Reviews

Cigar Review – Pura Soul 52×7 Perfecto

Comprised of 100% Nicaraguan tobaccos, Pura Soul is Handmade at Christian Eiroa’s Fabricas Unidas’ Aladino factory in Honduras . Conceived by longtime Camacho Cigar representative and national sales manager Robert Wright, these new smokes were blended to reflect Wright’s passion for cigars, and also his 40 years of experience as a jazz musician. In an …

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Image Cigar Reviews

Cigar Review – Wynwood Honduran 50 x 4 ½

Blended to cater to Miami’s up and coming Wynwood Arts District, Wynwood cigars are the brainchild of ex-Camacho president Christian Eiora and Robert Caldwell, CEO of Hotel Humidor. Billed as medium-bodied and featuring a blend of premium Honduran tobaccos beneath an Ecuadorian wrapper, these smokes are one of the three lines being distributed by Christian’s …

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