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Cohiba Sweepstakes Going on Now!

    In case you haven’t heard, our first drawing for the Cohiba 2012 Watch Sweepstakes is only a couple days away. We’ve already had loads of entries, but you still have a chance to win this classy and stylish, one of a kind Cohiba Watch!   From now through December 31st, when you buy …

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Will’s Top 6 Quick Smokes

I think it’s a shame that any cigar smoker would ever have to “sneak” a smoke in the first place. What kind of society do we live in where somebody doesn’t have a free hour to light up a stogie? Cigar smoking should be something you enjoy proudly, whenever the hell you feel like it—not …

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Cigar Review – Winston Churchill Lancaster

I’m always skeptical when it comes to top-tier brands like Winston Churchill. These stogies typically sell for around $10 a stick, and if I’m going to be lighting a $10 bill on fire, it’d better be pretty damn tasty. To be fair, the pint-sized Winston Churchill Lancaster is only around $5 a stick, but nevertheless, …

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Cigar Review – Cohiba Black Pequeños

Today is probably one of the worst days I could’ve picked to review a cigar—according to, it’s a sweltering 95 degrees out (and it’s supposed to feel like 99 degrees, whatever that means). But that didn’t stop me from smoking one; it just stopped me from smoking something full-sized. Today I had the pleasure …

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