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Clearance Sale – Over 80% OFF Carrington #1!

If you’ve ever tried a Carrington #1, you already know that they are some of the smoothest and tastiest Dominican smokes out there. Handmade using only premium Dominican long filler tobaccos, these light-bodied stogies are a step above the rest in terms of both consistency, and rich, mellow flavor. You’ll find that Carrington #1 is …

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BCP News Brief – Viaje To Release New “Super Shot” Cigars

According to Cigar, Viaje cigars is set to release a new stogie that was inspired by brand owner Andre Farkas’ newfound love for skeet shooting. The cigar, deemed “The Super Shot”, comes in two sizes that mirror the dimensions of actual shotgun shells: 12 Gauge, measuring 3 1/4 inches by 52 ring, and 10 …

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