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C & C Cigars: Corojo (video)

A hidden gem of the humidor, the C&C Cigars Corojo is a highly rated, yet often overlooked standout just waiting to be smoked. Find them here: C&C Cigars at Best Cigar Prices Transcript: Hey, guys. I’m Rene Castaneda from Orleans Group. I’m here to talk to you today about the C&C Corojo Cigars. The C&C …

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Image Cigar 101

Corojo Craze – Top 5 Corojo stogies

Corojo tobacco offers a rich and spicy flavor and aroma to cigars. Corojo wrappers are extremely oily and are typically a dark reddish brown color. Many Corojo wrappers lend a full-bodied flavor with hints of pepper, earth, cedar, and cocoa. Corojo smokes have a spicy quality and peppery smoothness that is not for the faint …

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Image Awesomeness

New Product Spotlight Vol. 3

As you probably know, ever since the IPCPR Trade Show back in June we’ve been receiving a constant barrage of great new stogies into our humidor, ranging from new blends from top manufacturers to phenomenal boutique brands new to the market. In an attempt to keep up with our ever-expanding roster of new items I …

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Image Behind-The-Scenes

Behind the Scenes – Spotlight on New Products, Volume 2

You may have seen our last “Spotlight on New Products” post, but just in case you haven’t, here’s the rundown. We have a “Newest Items” page on our website that features the 25 newest products to be added to our inventory, but we’ve gotten so many in lately that 25 slots isn’t enough to keep …

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Image Product Features

Halloween Edition: Scariest Smokes of 2011

It’s Halloween, and as such, it’s time to break out your darkest, strongest, and spiciest stogies. I’m talking about the ones you’ve been putting off smoking in fear of getting hit with a wave of fiery, buzzing nicotine; the ones your buddy smoked and said, “Man, that cigar kicked my ass.” Halloween is the perfect time …

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