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Image Cigar 101

Cigar 101: Shape Up

I did a Cigar 101 a while ago on how a cigar’s size affects its taste, but I realized today that I completely glossed over the shape factor. Many smokers agree that the shape of a cigar can affect the taste drastically—just take a look at the ratings on Cigar Aficionado. There are cigars that …

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Image Cigar Reviews

Cigar Review – El Rey Del Mundo Special Edition Nat Sherman Corona Cuadrado

Cigar review day is my favorite day of the week to come to work. Even if it’s freezing cold out, which it was today (27 degrees), I’ll never turn down an opportunity to smoke on the clock. Today I had my smoke break with the El Rey Del Mundo Special Edition Nat Sherman Corona Cuadrado. …

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Image Cigar Reviews

Cigar Review – Ashton VSG Corona Gorda

Whenever I’m given an expensive stogie to review, my expectations are set sky high—I figure if I’m going to pay as much for a cigar as I would for a good six pack or a ribeye from the supermarket, I’d better be just as satisfied by the end. Luckily for the Ashton VSG Corona Gorda, …

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Image Cigar 101

Cigar 101: Does Size Matter?

If there’s one facet of cigar smoking that smokers can rarely agree on, it’s what size best fits the cigar you’re smoking. There are preferences based on time consumption and comfort factor, but does the size of your smoke affect the taste? It all comes down to the draw—if your cigar is underfilled, the cigar …

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