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Best Cigar Podcast: Episode 01 – Underrated Cigars, Cuba and the FDA

In this inaugural episode of the Best Cigar Podcast, we take a look at some of the most Underrated Cigars on the market and discuss the opening of Cuba and the recent FDA regulations.

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Cuba vs. General Cigar

Everyone has heard of Cohiba cigars. The popular Cohiba brand has been sold in the United States since 1981 by General Cigar, based in Richmond, Virginia. Recently Cuba has accused the United States of allowing companies to steal the name Cohiba. Cuba created Cohibas in the 1960s but the name has been picked up and …

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Cuban Government Continues to Clean House

It’s been a nice long weekend, and now it’s time for some more Cuba news! According to a story from Reuters, Coral Capital Group Ltd., a British investment fund, is now being investigated by Cuban authorities on corruption charges. Few details have been released, partially due to a temporary “no comment” from the company, and …

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Diana Nyad: Tougher than Sharks

While Travis and Zac have posted a couple of non-cigar-related stories in the past, I’ve remained adherent to our title—“Best Cigar Blog”—almost to a T. Earlier today, though, I read a story in the New York Times that struck the “whoa” nerve, and I decided I had to do a post about it. Diana Nyad, …

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Cuban Government Legitimizes Black Market

Instead of trying to quell the country’s booming black market, Cuban president Raul Castro is seeking legitimize it by granting self-employment licenses to hundreds of thousands of workers, according to an article by Paul Haven of the Associated Press. In the last year, the country has made it legal to employ oneself in 178 state-approved …

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