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Cigar Talk – Torano Cigars Cuban Roots, Future, & Beyond with Charlie & Jack Torano

In this inaugural edition of our BCP Cigar Talk series Director of Merchandising Jeff Brown sits down with president of Torano Family Cigars Charlie Torano and brand ambassador Jack Torano to discuss the brand’s beginnings in Cuba, the “forbidden fruit” aspect of Cuban cigars, the future of the cigar industry in the wake of the …

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The Ultimate Cigar Gift Guide

Nothing makes a better gift than one of luxury, relaxation, and satisfying flavor. And to all of us at Best Cigar Prices, these words describe only one thing – a premium cigar.
Whether you’re a beginner or an aficionado, cigars transcend all knowledge boundaries and lend the perfect celebratory element to……

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Cigar Aficionado Reveals Top 25 Cigars of 2016 – #8, 9, & 10

The annual proceedings have begun and the fancy folks over at Cigar Aficionado have started to unveil their Top 25 Cigars of 2016, beginning with the revelation of #’s 8, 9, & 10 this morning:   #10 – Punch Gran Puro Santa Rita Rating – 93 Calling it a “love letter to Honduras,” the experts at …

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Charting a New Course: U.S. Takes First Steps To Improve Relations with Cuba

53 years after the United States severed its ties with Cuba under the Kennedy administration, President Obama has announced an end to our outdated policies regarding Cuba, with plans to promote change that is consistent with U.S. support for the Cuban people and in line with U.S. national security interests.  Today marks the beginning of …

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Cuban Cigars: The Forbidden Fruit of the USA

Cuban Cigars (as well as most Cuban products) have been banned from the United States since 1960. As a result, the premium handmade cigars that are available legally in the U.S. are manufactured in countries like Nicaragua, Honduras, and the Dominican Republic. Though Cuban cigars typically rank  well internationally, many of the cigars that are …

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