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Weekend Round-up: Montecristo NY, Disney, Cueto’s Quest and the Captain’s Cabinet

Alright smoke-fans, it’s time for another exciting edition of our Weekend News Round-up! It wasn’t exactly the most eventful news week in the world of cigars, but I did manage to dig up a few noteworthy stories while scouring the web over the past few days, so let’s get started, shall we? First off, this week marked the …

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Cuban Embargo Update: Vast Majority Oppose It, So Why are We Still Acting Like It’s 1961?

Every year, U.N. member countries vote to either support or condemn the U.S. embargo against Cuba. For the last several years, 185 countries have voted against the embargo, while three (U.S., Israel and Palau) voted to support it. Now, in preparation for this year’s U.N. vote, Cuba is trying to seize on a growing sentiment …

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