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Cigar 101

BCP Cigar 101: Cutting Your Cigar

Transcript: Hi everyone. This is Dane with We’re here today in the BCP smoking lounge, so I can talk to you a little bit about the different cutters that you have available to you and how each one affects the cigar. But before we get into the cutters, we need to talk a little …

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Image Awesomeness

Cigars For Troops Raffle a Success!

Publisher of Cigar Aficionado Magazine, Marvin R. Shanken has been quoted as saying, “A smoke in times of rest is a great companion to the solitary soldier.” Based on the overwhelming thanks we recently received from some of our currently deployed U.S.troops, we would have to agree. Back in September we had sent out a …

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Image Weekly Specials

NEW! BCP Starter Kit – The Exclusive, All-Inclusive, Cigar Pack!

FYI — Edited in January 2014 — We have a new version of this product, that lists our newer even more robust Cigar Starter Kit! The below product is not the current offer, the link above goes to where you can obtain the current Cigar Starter Kit. This is left here just for historical purposes. …

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