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Davidoff Announces New “Short Pleasures”

The latest release from Davidoff is for the cigar aficionado that loves a great smoke but doesn’t have a lot of time on their hands to enjoy a full sized stogie. “Short Pleasures” were created in response to the rising need for cigar fans to be able to enjoy a quick, premium cigar, during a much needed …

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BCP News Brief –Changes for Padilla, CLE Cigars Confirmed, & Davidoff Names New VP

Ernesto Padilla will be making some drastic changes to Padilla Cigars, including the discontinuation of four of his most popular cigar lines, as reported by The discontinued cigars include the Padilla Dominus, 1932, Artemis, and Miami lines, all of which were previously made in Nicaragua at factories owned by Eduardo Fernandez and Paul Palmer …

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News Brief: Cigar Industry News For 3.28.12.

This week saw the arrival of a limited quantity of Viaje’s new Skull and Bones MOAB (Mother of All Bombs) and FOAB(Father of All Bombs) cigars to our humidor shelves. Both vitolas of this Viaje White Label Project release are Nicaraguan puros with Criollo wrappers, measuring up to 4 ½ x 54, and 4 ½ …

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The 3 Most Welcome Cigar Trends of 2011

Since this year’s IPCPR trade show, it’s become apparent that there are a few growing trends in the cigar world. Some are obviously more favorable than others (I’m not the biggest fan of the big ring trend, for example, though that’s a pretty huge one), but there are a few big trends in particular that …

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Cigar Review – Cusano 18 Robusto Maduro

In my year and change working here, I’ve kept a fairly long running wish list of cigars I’ve seen floating around in our humidor. I think I actually have it written down somewhere. Some of these cigars, though, come to mind immediately, for a bunch of reasons. Maybe the back story stuck with me, maybe …

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