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Top 5 Bang-For-Your-Buck “Daily” Cigars

Cigar smokers are a diverse group,and everyone smokes a little differently. Some like to light up only on special occasions, some are always on the hunt for a new favorite, and some of us are just looking for a solid smoke that we can enjoy every day. Today’s article focuses on that last one: Great …

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50% OFF These Romeo and Montecristo Beauties

Our latest BCP Exclusive offer is one for the history books, folks. While supplies last, we’re letting two of the smoothest Dominican smokes in our humidor go at dramatic discounts that you won’t see anywhere else. The Montecristo Short Belicoso Assortment Humidor comes with 10 Montecristo Reserva Negra Short Belicoso and 10 Montecristo White Short …

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