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January Closeouts!

The end of January is here, and all of our resolutions are well under way (well…you know…some them). Here at, we resolve to bring you the best deals, best customer service, and best product selection around and are committed to doing so for years to come. With that said, we are excited to present …

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Behind the Scenes – Spotlight on New Products, Volume 2

You may have seen our last “Spotlight on New Products” post, but just in case you haven’t, here’s the rundown. We have a “Newest Items” page on our website that features the 25 newest products to be added to our inventory, but we’ve gotten so many in lately that 25 slots isn’t enough to keep …

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Cigar Review – Don Lino Robusto

If you’ve been on our website anytime in the last few weeks, chances are you’ve heard of the new Don Lino bundles. We got a shipment of these back in June, and considering they’re not exactly the most well-known cigars out there, they’ve been selling unbelievably well. According to Rene from Miami Cigar & Company, …

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Don Lino Habanitos

Finding a good small cigar can be tough. Small cigars are often packed too tightly, which causes burn and draw problems; on the other hand, if they’re packed too loosely, they produce hot, unpleasant smoke. Either way, buying small stogies can sometimes be a disappointing endeavor. Don Lino Habanitos, though, are the best of both …

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New Don Lino Robusto Bundles With a Special Introductory Offer!

At first glance, Don Lino might seem like your typical bundled stogie. Let me assure you, though, that this couldn’t be further from the truth. These are truly some of the best dollar-for-dollar smokes in our humidor, and their popularity in Nicaragua, their country of origin, is evidence of that. These handmade, long-filler beauties boast …

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