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Image Cigar Reviews

Cigar Review – Don Diego Fuerte Belicoso by Omar Ortez

If you’ve read any of my early reviews, you probably know that I’m not a huge fan of mild cigars. I actually tend to beat that point into the ground pretty hard. Lately, though, I’ve been laying off the powerhouses and sticking to medium- or medium-to-full-bodied smokes, but I haven’t smoked a cigar in a …

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Image Cigar Reviews

Cigar Review – La Flor Dominicana Airbender Guerrero

Today we had a respite from the ridiculous weather that’s become the standard for the last few weeks, and were finally able to enjoy a beautiful near-50-degree day. As such, I figured it was a worthy occasion for a top shelf smoke—that’s why I picked up the La Flor Dominicana Airbender Guerrero. The Air Bender …

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