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Weekend Roundup – Titanic Humidor Part Deux, Sam Leccia Cigar Co., and the Montecristo Relief Organization

We’ve got a long weekend around the corner, so I figure I’d leave our loyal readers with a few stories to chew on until we’re back in the office. With that, it’s time for yet another weekend roundup! First off, you may remember our brief about the humidor that once belonged to Captain Edward John …

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Midweek Roundup—Titanic (the ship, not the movie), Red Auerbach’s valuables, and the Rocky Patel Foundation

I love roundups—sometimes there are just too many good stories to choose from, so this helps keep the indecision at bay. It’s also way easier to write a little about three stories than it is to come up with a lot about one. Anyway, here’s our midweek roundup. First off, a humidor belonging to the …

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