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FDA Regulation of Premium Cigars: Aging Room’s Rafael Nodal Speaks Out

Rafael Nodal of Boutique Blends/Aging Room cigars joins us as a Guest Blogger this week to address concerns over his recent response to the recent announcement of the FDA’s regulation of premium cigars: Dear Friends and Fellow Cigar-lovers, A few days ago the FDA announced regulations that will forever change the premium cigar industry as …

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Save Premium Cigars: Submit Your Comment to the FDA Now!

THE FDA IS LISTENING……NOW IS THE TIME TO MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD! The moment we’ve all been bracing for is here, and time is of the essence. After years of speculation, the FDA has finally issued their proposed regulation of premium cigars and are now accepting comments for a short time. Our comments submitted to …

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Make Your Voice Heard – Help Protect Premium Cigars

Your action is imperative in order to ensure the survival of our trade and prevent the FDA from destroying cigar culture.    We know we’ve posted several times on this topic, but it is one that bears repeating, and one that we as cigar smokers cannot afford to let fall by the wayside. In September, …

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BCP News Brief – Senator Toomey Encourages FDA to Exclude Premium Cigars from Regulation

United States Senator Pat Toomey (PA-R) took a major stand this week for Pennsylvania workers and the premium cigar industry when he met with several major cigar companies from across the state aiming to eradicate a federal Food and Drug Administration proposed legislation that wants to regulate premium cigars. On Tuesday, Toomey joined several cigar …

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