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Volvo includes built in Cigar Humidor for new cars

The New Volvo cars now include a cigar humidor according to Reuters.  No you can’t buy those cars here yet, those cars are specifically designed for the Wealthy Chinese Market.  Volvo in recent years has been working hard to accommodate the large Chinese Market,  and China recently has been big on cigars.   Meaning that …

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Humidor Settings for the Summertime

All winter long the focus was keeping the humidor humidified at the proper levels. This became difficult when you are running your heat in the home full blast during a polar vortex. Now that summer is slowly creeping on us, the temperature is rising and the heat is now switched to the AC. Exactly what …

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Mixing Cigars in the Humidor

Cigar Aficionado asks if it’s ok to mix cigars in the Humidor. The two points to the argument are as follows: 1 – Mixing is fine, because it allows for the newer cigars to add their flavor to the older ones. 2 – Mixing isn’t fine, because it allows for the newer cigars to add …

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Salt Test : Calibrating Your Humidor’s Hygrometer

Many of our customers have been asking us how to conduct a salt test for the hygrometer in the humidor. A salt test is fairly foolproof way to judge if your hygrometer is reporting accurate humidity levels within your humidor. Cigars theoretically can last forever. There is no expiration date on a cigar and if …

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What is a Cigar Humidor Crystal Gel System?

These are inexpensive humidification solutions that ensure your humidor is properly humidified It’s critical that you keep your humidor at proper humidification and temperature levels to ensure that your cigars are kept in a safe environment free of mold and tobacco beetles. These units feature a proprietary anti-fungal, anti-mold system and are self-regulating, meaning they …

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