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Cigar Review – Padilla La Terraza Robusto Maduro

When a company that is typically known for making expensive premiums announces that they’re coming out with an affordable stogie, my expectations are often low. I just think of the half-assed, ammonia-smelling, shoddily-constructed, mixed-filler junk that I’ve often been faced with in the past. That’s why I was a little bit suspicious when I heard …

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Image Cigar Reviews

Cigar Review – Fonseca CXX Anni Rarissimus

Since we’re right in the midst of the IPCPR trade show, where cigar makers will undoubtedly be dropping their most ridiculous offerings yet, I decided I’d review something brand new: the Fonseca CCX Anni Rarissimus Corona. I’ve heard it colloquially called the CCX, CCX Anni, and 120th Anniversary, but CCX Anni Rarissimus is, in fact, …

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Gary Hyams Appointed President and CEO of Gurkha Cigars

Gary Hyams, former chairman of CAO International, has been appointed president and CEO of Gurkha Cigars, according to a press release from Beach Cigar Group Inc. Hyams left CAO earlier this year following the merger between Swedish Match and Scandinavian Tobacco Group. Hyams has over 30 years of experience in the cigar industry, having previously …

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Jim Colucci Announces Retirement from Altadis U.S.A.

Man, when will the retirement announcements end? Cigar Aficionado confirmed yesterday that Jim Colucci, executive vice president of sales and marketing for Altadis U.S.A. Inc. for 34 years, will be leaving the company at the end of July. This move is not, however, a retirement from the cigar industry altogether. As Colucci put it, “I’m …

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Image Blog Roundup

Blog Roundup: Fat Sticks, IPCPR Debriefing, Cigar Variety

Last week was a monster of a news cycle for the cigar industry. Now that the annual IPCPR convention is over, most of us are just starting to get back to business as usual after a frenetic week in New Orleans. Now that the dust is settling, we’re able to look back with some hindsight …

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