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Tailored by Alec Bradley Cigars (video)

Dave Topper of Alec Bradley Cigars took a few minutes to talk to us about Tailored, a new cigar by Alec Bradley made exclusively for Best Cigar Prices.


Hi, I’m Dave Topper with Alec Bradley Cigars, and we are the proud manufacturers of a brand new brand coming out from Best Cigar Prices called Tailored. The cigars are made in Honduras, all long filled. They’re going to be available in two wrappers, a Habano which is a medium shade wrapper, a medium bodied cigar, very, very flavorful, in gorgeous boxes of 20. And also available in a Connecticut shade wrapped cigar, the lighter wrapper, nice mild smoke. Again, in the same beautiful package that you will see in the catalogs. And this cigar will be introduced probably the first quarter of 2014 through BCP, and we’re looking forward to the launch as we are.

We hope that you will be putting this into your selection of cigars that you smoke along with all the other great brands that you get from Best Cigar Prices, Medicis, Kensingtons, Star Insignia, etc.