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Take Action – Help Save the Cigar Industry from FDA Regulation!

As you may have learned from the slew of blog posts, news articles, and calls-to-action that have been practically unavoidable in the last few months (and with good reason), your freedoms are undeniably under attack. The FDA has proposed regulating cigars in the Federal Register, and if they get their way, the consequences will be widespread and hard-hitting. FDA regulation of cigars could result in the following:

• Ban on online cigar sales, as well as self-serve cigar displays and walk-in humidors

• Ban on all flavored cigars and strict regulations on nicotine levels in cigars

• Ban on cigar events in which free samples are available

• Imposition of new taxes in order to finance these regulations

• Limit on limited-release and small-batch cigars

• Defacing of beautifully-decorated cigar boxes with graphic warning labels (like the ones proposed by New York State in 2010)

And those are just a few of the measures that could be put in place. The FDA could also require samples of all new releases for “testing,” which would put a strain on manufacturers and could drive up the prices of cigars. There could also be a ban on all cigar merchandise, which would take an endless list of products off the market.

The bottom line is that if the FDA has their way, thousands upon thousands of jobs both in the U.S. and abroad could be at risk. I know that sounds dramatic, but it’s an extremely real possibility. Sweeping regulations such as this would inevitably deal a huge blow to the entire industry, so many of the countless people who depend on it as their livelihood could literally lose everything.

Luckily, Cigar Rights of America is fighting for our freedom to enjoy a fine stogie, unadulterated by FDA regulations. The CRA worked together with legislators across the country to come up with H.R. 1639 (and S. 1461, its companion bill in the Senate), called the Traditional Cigar Manufacturing and Small Business Jobs Preservation Act. This act would prevent the FDA from adding cigars to its list of regulated items, thereby preventing what could be the biggest catastrophe in the industry’s history.

The bill already has a long list of cosponsors, but neither one has enough to guarantee passage. That is why I, along with the rest of the BestCigarPrices team, urge you to visit Cigar Rights of America’s website to help stop the FDA in its tracks. Contact your senators and representatives (it’s FREE and it literally only takes a minute) and tell them that as a voter, you won’t stand for the FDA potentially destroying this tightly-knit industry in the name of a misguided anti-tobacco agenda!

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