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Tasting Tips with Robert Wright of Pura Soul Cigars (video)

Robert Wright of Pura Soul Cigars shares some pointers on ways to better taste cigars. We’re not sure how accurate the science of it is, but we appreciate the sentiment…which is all that really matters.


My name is Robert Wright of Pura Soul Cigars.

You know, I often get asked by a variety of smokers about how to taste a cigar. What’s my opinion about how to smoke it or enjoy it? I would always tell them that a cigar should be enjoyed not only in the palate but on the tongue, in the throat and also in your nasal cavities. The smoke needs to be absorbed in the mucus membrane.

I recommend that if you know how to retro-hale that you need to do it periodically, not all the time, but it enhances the flavor. For instance, you’re not inhaling the cigar smoke. What you’re doing is you’re taking a nice draw, filling your mouth with the smoke, blowing a little out and then retro-haling it out your nose. What you’re doing is allowing your smoke to be absorbed in the mucus membrane of your nasal cavity along with the mucus membranes in your mouth and your tongue.

Your tongue plays a very important part of enjoying the cigar experience. If you fill your mouth with the smoke, you should be able to taste it also on your tongue. Your tongue has different areas that it identifies flavors with. The tip of your tongue gives a little sweet sensation. It identifies sweet on the tip of the tongue. Outside it identifies sodium, salt. The middle has this sensory ability to identify bitter. You also have another quality. I think they named it Umami. Umami is one that identifies acidic citrus qualities in flavors. It basically makes you salivate.

I like that creamy after-tone flavor in my palate. It makes you kind of want to lick your lips and your tongue, and both of the blends make you do that. I don’t like a dry, sodium-filled type of effect in the palate. I prefer one that’s more acidic, that gives you a little creamy aftertaste. But I do recommend that if you don’t know how to retro-hale, start trying to practice with a mild cigar. You don’t want to get sick trying to retro-hale and inhale. But once you do, I guarantee that you’ll have a whole higher level of flavor experience than you did before you retro-haled. Give it a try.