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Tatiana Mocha – Free 5pk With Every Bundle

Mmmmmmmm chocolate… Who doesn’t love chocolate? And I sure would like to shake the hand of the genius who had the idea to mix two of the best things in the world together, chocolate and cigars. Today’s special is on the Tatiana Mocha blend, one of the best chocolate-flavored cigars on the market today. These cigars start out with a top-notch blend of premium long-fill tobacco, and then Tatiana cigars works their magic, adding in the right hints of delectable mocha flavor to put the sweet finishing touch on these beauties.

Of course I’m not just here to talk about how tasty these smokes are, the other part of my job is to give you a killer deal. Now, these usually come in boxes, but we scored a deal on some of the same stogies bundled up for some nice savings. These bundles are already a cool $10 cheaper than their corresponding box item. A pretty sweet deal already, but I found a way to make it even sweeter! For this week only, if you pick up a bundle of these chocolaty delights, I’m going to toss in an extra five pack FREE. That means you’re getting 30 chocolate smokes for as little as $49.95, or $1.67 per premium flavored smoke. I couldn’t make this deal any sweeter if I put powdered sugar and a cherry on top. Pick one up before they’re gone!